-Invisalign: An American Preference-

Invisalign made its first appearance in early 1999. Since that time it has become a massive favorite among dental patients seeking a beautifully straight smile, as well as Orthodontists worldwide. Invisalign has clearly claimed its existence in the world of cosmetic dentistry as an obvious leader. Invisalign is a product of 3D building applications and customized production techniques that produce the result of clear and removable aligners. This has given way to an excellent dental application that’s used for straightening millions of crooked and uneven teeth. An innovative and complete orthodontic treatment in Westlake Village, Invisalign is most suitable for teeth requiring all types of corrective measures.

Invisalign has been globally adored for its unparalleled comfort, along with the rapid solutions that it provides to patients. People are rediscovering their lost smiles and gaining an aesthetic beauty they’ve desired for years. Despite the fact that the choice of conventional metallic braces has been common for quite some time, it is often considered by patients to be a very uncomfortable method for straightening teeth.


Invisalign is making its existence and importance felt around the world of dentistry. It’s a ground-breaking technology which gives patients a clear and invisible route towards a straighter smile. These aligners can also be easily removed during meal times, so keeping them clean and hygienic is as easy as it gets.

As Unique As Your Own Mouth

After an intensive discussion with a specialist orthodontist, several clinically accepted molds are used for the custom aligners, meant to gradually shift the teeth in stages. The length of ortho treatment in Westlake Village for each patient can be very different, but a set of 24 aligners can average only about a year until completion. This remarkable technology is designed for numerous degrees of dental cases that vary from menial to rather complicated.

Who Should Use Invisalign?Invisalign3

Invisalign is often best used for the treatment of youth and teens who have developed uneven teeth. It’s specifically designed to bear in mind their age and anticipated growth. This teenager-oriented treatment maintains a healthy range of natural eruption for permanent teeth. However, this treatment is also highly recognizable as being suitable for all cases that need a relatively simplified approach among adults. Invisalign Express is a similar treatment that takes a more rapid approach, utilizing a maximum of 10 sets of teeth aligners. This is a comparatively cheaper form of treatment that presents the best solution to those individuals in need of correcting small crowding or spacing of teeth.

No matter what your individual needs may be, Invisalign in Westlake Village CA offers a wide range of options for getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Give us a call to get started today!