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Use our emergency hotline to get out of a toothache in Westlake Village quickly.

Our team at Westlake Village Dentist knows that a dental emergency can be a very stressful situation, that’s why we want to make sure we do whatever we can to make it as easy to deal with as possible. If you have a toothache in Westlake Village, we have an emergency hotline available for you to call 24/7 to schedule your appointments and get advice on how to care for your tooth. During a dental emergency we will make sure you get in to see our emergency dentist as soon as possible. Part of having the best quality care and service in the area means having the most convenient dental care as well. Let us help you get out of pain. Call us at (805) 495-7212 to schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Westlake Village 24/7.

Tips For An Emergency

If you can’t see your emergency dentist in Westlake Village right away, try these tips.

“I am so grateful”

“I was watching television with my family and I felt something in my mouth, and it was my tooth. It had cracked in half and a piece came off. I had to look up and find someone that was available for the next day. I found Westlake Village and I am so grateful because it was one of the best dental experiences I could have ever asked for. I almost had to have someone drive me to the dentist because I was so nervous, but everyone in the office was so nice. They made me feel comfortable, they talked me through the whole procedure. I was in and out in a couple of hours, I thought it was going to be major work, but it ended up being pretty simple. I’m thankful for that.”

Sharon B.

Thousand Oaks, CA


What To Do In An Emergency

Know what to do when you have a toothache in Westlake Village

No matter the type of situation on your hands, you should always call your emergency dentist in Westlake Village to schedule an appointment right away. Getting in to see the dentist can save you a lot of pain. There are several different types of emergencies that can happen which require different action in each case. If you have a chipped or broken tooth make sure you keep the pieces of your tooth submerged in milk to stay moist while waiting to see the dentist. Mishaps happen where we accidentally knock out a tooth or they fall out. If this is the case, try placing your tooth back into its socket without touching the root. If you are unable to put it back into place, submerge the tooth in a milk bath to

save it for your emergency dentist. Damage or cuts to your lips, gums and mouth should be rinsed with salt water to help with bacteria. It is also common for crowns or fillings to fall out after awhile. If this happens to you, denture glue can help you temporarily secure your filling or dental crown until you get in to see the doctor. The most important thing to remember if you are in severe pain due to infection or tooth decay is to schedule an appointment right away so we can save your tooth. If you have a toothache in Westlake Village, call us right away at (805) 495-7212 to schedule your appointment.

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Our dentist in Westlake Village has an emergency hotline available

Our team is always here for you! We have an emergency hotline available 24/7 for any dental emergency or appointment scheduling. Call us with any questions, and let us get you in and out of pain as quickly as possible.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.

(805) 495-7212

“Don’t Suffer, Give Us a Call”

Our emergency dentist in Westlake Village can get you out of pain quickly

“My staff and I at Westlake Village Dentist are highly trained professionals who are gentle and listen to all of your dental care concerns. As your emergency dentist in Westlake Village I want to assure you that there is nothing for you to worry about when visiting my office. We take all matters seriously, especially when it comes to urgent dentistry. The last thing we want is for you to fear coming in for treatment. Having a toothache can be very painful. However, the longer you wait the more painful it will be. Our team is here for you. Don’t suffer. Give us a call at anytime, and let us get you out of pain quickly!”

Dr. Melina Looyzadeh



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