Our mission centers around integrity and honest dental consultations. We’ve set our practice apart by focusing on providing not just quality dental care but doing so with the utmost honesty. It’s common for new patients to come to us with extensive treatment plans from elsewhere, often filled with unnecessary procedures. Here, we take a different approach. We evaluate your dental needs with precision, often finding that many proposed treatments aren’t immediately necessary. This honest approach helps build patient trust in dentistry, ensuring you only receive the care you truly need.

How Do We Alleviate Dental Anxiety?

Many patients carry anxiety from past dental experiences, but our approach to reducing dental anxiety is tailored to rewrite those narratives. Our team prioritizes excellent dental bedside manner, making each visit as comfortable as possible. By implementing gentle techniques and ensuring clear communication, we create a relaxing environment that helps ease the fears associated with dental care.

Our Unique Approach to Dental Education and Treatment Planning

We employ various visual dental education tools like dental scanners and photography to show rather than tell. For instance, our advanced dental scanning technology allows us to display clear, understandable images of your dental health onscreen. This transparency helps you see exactly what we see. We discuss:

  • The current health of your teeth and gums
  • Any immediate concerns that might need addressing
  • The overall plan to improve and maintain your dental health

This method not only helps in building long-term dental relationships but also empowers you to make informed decisions about your dental care.

How Often Should You Visit?

While routine visits are generally recommended every six months, we tailor the frequency of dental cleanings based on individual needs. For some, more frequent visits every three to four months might be necessary to maintain optimal oral health, especially if you’re prone to plaque buildup or have existing dental concerns.

The Role of Teamwork in Your Dental Health

At our practice, we see the dentist-patient relationship as a partnership. Our goal is to work together to prevent problems before they start and to manage any existing issues collaboratively. This team approach in dental care ensures that you are always in the loop and actively participating in maintaining your oral health.

Why Our Patients Love Visiting Us

What makes our Westlake Village office truly special is the sense of community. It’s not uncommon for entire families to visit us, from children to grandparents, creating a vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere. Our patients appreciate this personal touch and often comment on the joy and comfort they feel being part of our dental family.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Westlake Village who values integrity, fosters a welcoming environment, and commits to transparent and honest care, look no further. Visit us to see how we can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile in a way that feels right for you. Join our dental family and experience the difference a patient-focused approach can make.