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Sleep apnea in Westlake Village is best treated if first understood

You may have heard of the term sleep apnea, but never really quite understood what it is all about. Sleep apnea in Westlake Village is a sleep disorder that disrupts your breathing patterns causing you to snore and other symptoms. The importance of treating sleep apnea comes from its ability to interrupt your breathing by making it very shallow or stopping it completely. These interruptions in your breathing patterns usually happen hundreds of times during the night, and last around 10 to 20 seconds. However, the good news is that our team at Westlake Village Dentist can help you stop your sleep apnea in its tracks by providing you with appliances and treatments to make sure you return to your natural, deep sleeping habits. If you are waking up with less energy during the day, daytime sleepiness, poor concentration and other symptoms, it is probably time to get yourself tested for sleep apnea. Don’t get caught in an emergency, let our team at Westlake Village Dentist help you feel refreshed, alert and focused in the morning by treating your snoring in Westlake Village.

Know If You Are at Risk

Here are some of the more common risk factors leading to sleep apnea in Westlake Village

“She sees the needs”

“What helps is to have a doctor like Dr. Looyzadeh that sees your teeth and sees the needs for improving your smile. You could go to another dentist and just have your procedures done, nothing done to the cosmetics of your teeth. She took an interest in my teeth and told me that she could do something for my smile. I always talked to a lot of people about it, especially at work, everybody knew me. The transition between the way I used to look and now, since it was very natural, very fast and quick, it’s almost like nobody ever knew. It’s almost like in the back of their minds, I’ve always had this smile, that’s how natural it is.”

Douglas C.

Newbury Park, CA


How Do I Know If I Have Sleep Apnea?

Learn about the symptoms and testing for sleep apnea in Westlake Village

We are happy to tell you that sleep apnea is 100 percent manageable. Not only can we manage your sleep apnea and symptoms, but we can also run tests to make sure sleep apnea in Westlake Village is the cause to your symptoms. Some of the symptoms you should look out for when it comes to sleep apnea include: loud or severe snoring, choking or gasping for air during sleep, pauses in breathing, waking up with shortness of breath, daytime fatigue or sleepiness, waking up with dry mouth or sore throat, insomnia, depression, difficulty concentrating, and morning headaches. All of these symptoms, or even a select few,

indicate a problem with your breathing and sleep patterns that need to be addressed. At our office in Westlake Village we are able to provide you with two ways of testing for sleep apnea. We have a sleep lab where you are able to go to and participate in a sleep test overnight for monitoring and diagnosis of sleep apnea or snoring in Westlake Village. However, if a lab doesn’t seem as comfortable for you, we also offer home kits where you can be monitored for the disorder in your own bed. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, call us today at (805) 495-7212 about sleep apnea in Westlake Village.

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“Don’t Leave Sleep Apnea Untreated”

Sleep apnea in Westlake Village can be something serious if not treated

“While not everyone who experiences snoring in Westlake Village has sleep apnea, if you are snoring at least three nights out of the week, you should come in for a sleep study. This is important because sleep apnea is a disorder that has the potential to be life threatening and my team at Westlake Village Dentist wants to get you out of harm’s way as soon as possible. If it turns out you do have sleep apnea, we can offer you oral appliances to help control your breathing and keep you safe while you sleep. We are ready and waiting to help. Give us a call today!”

Dr. Melina Looyzadeh



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