The Root of the Reputation

Root canal processes hold the reputation for assorted negative effects. Simply mentioning it can make most dental patients cringe. However, our dentist in Westlake Village CA would like for you to get the most accurate information.

By debunking some myths surrounding root canals that are very typical, we’d like to help set your mind at ease.

Root Canal Treatment is Painful
Root canal treatment doesn’t cause discomfort, actually, it alleviates this problem. However, because of inadequate equipment decades past, root canal treatments were perceived as debilitating. With anesthetics and modern technology, nevertheless, root canal treatment in Westlake Village is not as uncomfortable. Actually, a latest survey revealed that patients who have experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who have not had root canal treatment.


A Root Canal is Irrelevant if You’re Not in Pain
Many teeth that need root canal treatment will not cause the patient any pain. However, that does not mean the tooth is in good condition. Keeping routine dental visits might help us identify whether you require a root canal, and identify the early stages of serious decay. Endodontists also provide methods to see whether pulp in the tooth is damaged or infected. If it is, you will need to undergo the procedure.

Root Canal Treatment Causes Sickness
There is no valid, scientific evidence linking a root canal-treated tooth to various health hazards. Root canal therapy in Westlake Village is shown to be a safe and successful process. The truth is, when endodontic treatment is required for a serious infection in a tooth, that treatment was made to remove any harmful bacteria from the root canal, keeping good dental health and saving the natural tooth.


Extraction is An Excellent Alternative to Root Canal Treatment
If at all possible, saving your natural tooth is the most effective option. Nothing can fully replace your natural tooth. This is the reason why if extraction is recommended by your dentist, you should ask whether root canal treatment remains a choice. Root canal treatment, along with proper restoration, is a cost efficient strategy to take care of teeth with infected pulp, and is generally less expensive than positioning and extraction of an implant or a bridge.


If you would like to find out more about the purpose of a root canal, whether it might be a good option for you, or to simply schedule an appointment with our dentist in Westlake Village, contact our office today.