Tooth Loss: Knowing The Threats

While you may think that daily cleaning is all you need to keep your teeth healthy, there are various threats to our dental health that can include an untreated injury or even an unhealthy diet. Our amazing dentist in Westlake Village can fix and replace damaged teeth, as well as show you how to prevent additional injury.

Here are some of the very typical reasons for tooth loss and strategies to avoid them.

1. Gum Disease
Gum disease (gingivitis) is one of the most typical reasons for tooth loss in Westlake Village. Early detection and treatment of gingivitis are necessary to avoid leading into more serious dental health issues. We can effectively treat gum disease with a number of methods, offering most patients minimal pain and a fast healing time.


2. Cavities
A straightforward filling fixes most shallow cavities, but excessive decay may be caused by leaving the problem unaddressed. The nerve in the tooth might impact, leading to tooth loss, extreme distress, and opening doors for a number of general health concerns.

3. Inferior Nutrition 
Along with appropriate cleaning, a healthy diet is essential for keeping teeth strong and healthy. Eating significant levels of acidic and sugary foods rather than getting adequate calcium all may lead to heavy plaque and eventual tooth loss.

4. Missing Teeth 
Lost teeth can in fact cause difficulties due to exposing neighboring teeth, causing enamel to disintegrate and reducing the jawbone density. In most cases, we can offer patients dental implants that can protect your remaining teeth and improve your dental health.


5. Injury 
Sports accidents, vehicle injuries, along with many other kinds of injury may greatly impact teeth even when they’re not immediately dislodged. In the event you experience physical injury, it is never a bad idea to have your teeth checked by the dentist to ensure they are all sound.

Tooth loss is experienced by many adults sooner or later, and it is always important to get it fixed as fast as possible. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation in the event you’re struggling with tooth loss in Westlake Village, CA. The dentist will establish the best course of treatment so you can appreciate the aesthetic and practical advantages of a completely healthy smile.