The Truth About Teeth Whitening

Teeth-whitening kits in West Covina are extremely popular, especially with teenagers and young adults. However, we are frequently presented two concerns:

Are they safe to use?


Are they as strong as professional dental whitening procedures?

In-home whitening kits are relatively benign with no known link to significant health issues overall. That doesn’t mean, however, they cannot cause dental concerns when used beyond the product instructions by a patient. Mistreating teeth whiteners in West Covina, CA exposes the dentin layer that’s much more sensitive below the surface of our teeth, and can permanently damage tooth enamel.


Age Matters

Teenagers should especially take precautions. Usually spanning throughout the beginning of puberty, most or even all of the primary teeth are lost, and permanent teeth have all but entirely developed by this time.Youthful tooth enamel isn’t as resilient as enamel that is older, and this may cause damage by teeth-whitening materials.

Choices in Quality

As for results, most bleaching kits will easily reach their publicized levels of whiteness. They do differ in some respects, though, from our in-office applications. The percentage of active bleaching agent (usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) in take-home kits is less than half of what you might find in the formulas that are clinical, averaging at about 10%. What this implies is that kits require more whitening sessions to reach a level of luminosity that the one or two sessions of the clinical use can create.


The degree of whiteness can also be controlled more easily in an office setting. The appropriate shading to produce a more natural look can be fixed by dentists in West Covina with their extensive experience and professional training. You might even need professional help in the event that you have had implants or other forms of dental restoration to make sure they combine nicely with whitening. Even if you would rather use a home kit for whitening your teeth, our West Covina dentist can still provide help by giving you guidance on purchasing and using your kit. Your dentist always wants the same result as you do:

A healthy, dazzling and wonderful smile.