Deciding to start her own practice was driven by Dr. Melina’s desire to provide boutique dentistry, a place where quality and comfort lead the way. After 13 years in the field, she realized that to do things the way she envisioned—prioritizing patient care and quality—she needed to set up her own space. So, what makes a Westlake Village dentist different? It’s all about giving you the time and attention you deserve.

What Does Patient-Centered Care Really Look Like?

At Dr. Looyzadeh’s practice, every appointment is unhurried. Unlike larger offices where the focus might be on volume, she ensures extended appointment times so that each patient feels heard and valued. This approach to patient-centered dental care means they’re not just rushing through appointments; they’re taking the time to discuss your needs, answer questions, and address any concerns thoroughly.

How Do We Support Nervous Patients?

Understanding and patience are key to caring for nervous dental patients. Dr. Melina recognizes that some people need extra time to feel comfortable in the dental chair, and that’s perfectly okay. Her schedule is deliberately flexible to accommodate those who might feel anxious about treatments, making sure everyone has the time to acclimate without feeling pressured.

What Sets Our Dental Environment Apart?

The environment Dr. Looyzadeh has created is designed to be a stress-free dental visit experience. It’s not just about the decor or the amenities—it’s about creating an atmosphere where patients can feel relaxed and at ease. This comfort-focused dentistry is not just about the physical treatments but the overall ambiance that supports healing and relaxation.

Visit Dr. Melina for Personalized Dental Care

If you’re in Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, or Thousand Oaks and looking for a dentist who prioritizes comfort and personalized care, Dr. Looyzadeh is here for you. Specializing in boutique dentistry, she provides a stress-free environment that caters to all patients, including those who are nervous about dental treatments. As your dentist in Westlake Village, Dr. Looyzadeh is dedicated to making every visit a positive experience. Call us today at (805) 495-7212 to discover how we can enhance your dental care journey.