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“It was a lot easier”

“They take the tooth out, they put a post in with a cap on it, they did a bone graft, they stitched it up, and then it had to sit like that for 3 to 6 months. You hear all these horror stories about getting a new tooth implant, and the original dentist I went to said, let’s just pull it out. I had fears about my smile and changing the way my smile looked, so I went without doing anything. It got infected a bunch of times, I got antibiotics a bunch of times. Then my father who uses Dr. Hosseini said I should go to him, so I did. Come to find out it was a lot easier, and a lot more fear that I was worried about and that I didn’t need to.”

Melissa R.

Newbury Park, CA


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Visiting this dentist in Westlake Village is easy with online appointment scheduling

We make appointment scheduling with our dentist in Westlake Village easy as the click of a button! If you haven’t noticed while scrolling through the website, we have an appointment scheduling button located below to the right for your convenience. We want to make everything as easy as possible for your use! If you have any trouble scheduling your appointment or navigating our website at all, we have someone available to chat with you live on the bottom left hand side of

your screen! However, that’s not all! If you would like to simply call and schedule your appointment with us, we make that easy as well. Appointment scheduling is available 24/7 through our emergency hotline! Just call us at (805) 495-7212 anytime! Whether you are in severe pain, have a dental emergency, need a regular cleaning or just have a question, we are here for you! Check out our reviews to see what some of your friends and neighbors are saying about our services!

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“She took an interest in my teeth”

What helps is to have a doctor like Dr. Looyzadeh that sees your teeth and sees the needs for improving your smile. You could go to another dentist and just have your procedures done, nothing done to the cosmetics of your teeth. She took an interest in my teeth and told me that he could do something for my smile. I always talked to a lot of people about it, especially at work, everybody knew me. The transition between the way I used to look and now, since it was very natural, very fast and quick, it’s almost like nobody ever knew. It’s almost like in the back of their minds, I’ve always had this smile, that’s how natural it is.”

Douglas C.

Newbury Park, CA


Best Service, Quality Care

Dr. Melina Looyzadeh, our dentist in Westlake Village ensures a great experience

Our staff at Westlake Village Dental is kind, gentle and flexible when it comes to all of your needs. We all love what we do, and can promise you the best dental care in the Westlake Village area. Get the best service and quality care you deserve by scheduling an appointment with us today.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.

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“We love seeing new smiling faces walk into our office at Westlake Village Dental. Getting to know each new patient is one of the amazing perks of being a dentist, especially when you bring the whole family in! We love seeing younger patients grow! We want your visit to feel like you’re visiting family! Stop by and see us anytime! We look forward to meeting you and your family while you become a part of ours when you choose our office as your Westlake Village dentistry!”

Dr. Melina Looyzadeh



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